Climbing and bouldering in Galtür

Galtür is a hotspot for fans of climbing and bouldering. If you’re looking for an active holiday full of unforgettable mountain adventures, the Alpine region around Galtür is just the place for you. After all, the holiday resort boasts countless bouldering spots and many other (sports) climbing offers for all difficulty levels. 

Via ferrata, bouldering rock or high-rope course – discover nature from a different perspective! Fans of indoor climbing should drop by at the Alpinarium’s great boulder hall.

Climbing vs. bouldering

what’s the difference?

Climbing always involves the use of belay ropes. In addition to professional climbing equipment, you need an experienced partner to hold the safety rope. This makes it possible to reach great heights on outdoor multi-pitch routes. By contrast, bouldering refers to “climbing at jumping height” without ropes. A crash pad on the ground cushions the impact of falls. All you need for bouldering are climbing shoes and a bit of chalk for a better grip.

Climbing for beginners and advanced

The end of the hiking trail is the beginning of your climbing adventure. Secured by a rope, exposed trails take you up to the summit. The Alpine mountains of the Silvretta range offer perfect conditions for an eventful day of climbing – including breathtaking views!

Practice climbing walls in Galtür

Galtür‘s practice climbing walls are the perfect place to make your first climbing experiences. Secured by ropes and supervised by trained mountain guides, you tackle the artificial rock face. During a taster course, you get taught the basics of climbing: What’s the right arm and leg technique? How do you best tackle different obstacles? Don’t hesitate to contact Galtür’s 
mountain guide office

Vie ferrate in Galtür

With their many great vie ferrate for all skill levels, the Tyrolean Alps are a paradise for climbing fans. 

  • The Little Ballun is THE highlight for beginners and children aged eight and above. The grade B family via ferrata is rich in variety and the perfect choice for beginners. 
  • If you love short and neat tours, the Kleinlitzner via ferrata is just the thing for you. Starting at 2,783 metres above sea level, the challenging route takes you across primary rock and requires a fair amount of stamina and strength.
  • The Silvapark via ferrata up to Ballunspitze boasts countless high-level obstacles and different intermediate to difficult routes. Once you have reached the top, you’re rewarded with spectacular views of the Silvretta glaciers.
  • The newest  via ferrata addition can be found on the striking 2.558 m high Gorfenspitz. The via ferrata is short and sweet and you have to hike a 1.000 m vertical climb before you reach it.

If you would like to do a tour together with an experienced mountain guide, don’t hesitate to contact the local mountain guide office for a bespoke offer.

The best multi-pitch routes of the Paznaun

You have mastered all routes in the climbing hall and are ready to tackle your first multi-pitch outdoor route? The Paznaun region boasts varied tours of two to seven pitches and difficultly levels ranging from two to seven. Discover the most beautiful routes:

  • Gamshorn: With routes ranging in difficulty from two to seven, the south-west facing Gamshorn climbing area in the Jamtal valley is a highlight for all climbers at 2,400 metres above sea level. The primary rocks of the Silvretta mountain range await climbers with several multi-pitch routes. The best time to explore them is between June and October.
  • Totennadel: Even though the name translates to “Needle of death”, there’s nothing sinister about this tour. After all, the Alpine climbing route in the Jamtal valley is perfectly secured with bolts at all belay stations as well as intermediate belays and offers impressive views.
  • Paulcketurm: With quite big distances between hooks, the 4+ grade Paulcketurm is not for beginners. With an altitude of 2,820 metres and four pitches of up to 100 metres, this route requires plenty of courage!  

All tours in the Jamtal valley at a glance:

Altitude location: 2400 m
Orientation: South-west
Difficulty level: 6 routes from 2 to 7 difficulty level



Difficulty level: 5- Difficulty level: 4+
Rope lengths: 6 SL Rope lengths: 6 SL

Ötztaler Enzianpfeiler

Via Robert

Difficulty level: 4+ Difficulty level: 4+
Rope lengths: 2 SL Rope lengths: 1 SL

Alter Weg

Difficulty level: 3
Rope lengths: 2 SL

Altitude location: 2.987 m
Orientation: South east
Difficulty level: 5
Routes: 3 routes in total (Gr. Totennadel S-Wand, Totennadel Überschreitung & kl Totenadel)

Gr. Totennadel S-Wand

Totennadel Überschreitung

Difficulty level: 5 Difficulty level: 5
Rope lengths: 4 SL Rope lengths: 4 SL

Kl. Totennadel

Difficulty level: 6-
Rope lengths: 1 SL

Altitude level: 2975 m
Orientation: South-west
Difficulty: 3, mostly 2 (Via Karl variant: 4)
Rope lengths: 7 SL

Altitude location: 2.820 m
Orientation: South-west
Difficulty level: 4+
Rope lengths: 4 SL to 100 metres


Variante A (Nothdurfter Diretissima)

Variante B (Classic Route)

Difficulty level: 5 Difficulty level: 5
Rope lengths: 4 SL Rope lengths: 4 SL

East wall

Westwand / Adlerriss

Difficulty level: 5+ Difficulty level: 7+
Rope lengths: 4 SL Rope lengths: 3 SL  60 metres

Hennebergpfeiler (mountain guide route)

Johanna Ernst

Difficulty level: 5 Difficulty level: 4, 4+, 5
Rope lengths: 4 SL to 100 metres Rope lengths: 5 SL to 120 metres

Angelika Rainer

Christoph Hainz

Difficulty level: 4, 5, 5-, 6+ Difficulty level: 4, 4+, 5
Rope lengths: 5 SL to 110 metres Rope lengths: 5 SL to 120 metres


Difficulty level: 5 /AO and 4+, 5, 7-
Rope lengths: 4 SL to 100 metres


Difficulty level: 3, 4+, 5-, 5+
Rope lengths: 5 SL to 100 metres

175 times fun

Silvapark bouldering paradise

Overhangs, jumps, balance – keep your mind and body fit and visit the Silvapark bouldering paradise in Galtür! With 175 routes spread out across eight different sections and lots of boulder problems, there are plenty of challenges to be mastered!

Eight boulder sections in an Alpine environment

Beginners and ambitious competition climbers can choose from a vast choice of impressive routes at an altitude of 1,800 metres above sea level. Expect overhangs, crags, friction slabs and much more!

All sections at a glance

Boulder park for beginners and kids

The children’s boulder park of Galtür is a great place to make your first climbing experiences and show off your courage, strength and skills. All the little ones need for their first secured climbing adventure are climbing shoes!

Six questions, six answers – our Boulder FAQ

You have questions? We know the answers! Check out our Boulder FAQ and find out everything you need to know about bouldering at Silvapark bouldering paradise. How do I get to the different boulder sections? What difficulty levels are there at the Silvapark? What’s important to keep in mind?

Browse our FAQ and find out!

Indoor bouldering in Galtür

The colder months of the year have started and you can’t go climbing outside anymore? You still don’t want to spend a holiday without climbing? No problem! Simply drop by at the Alpinarium! The 98-square metre climbing venue with a wall height of 3.8 metres has enough brightly coloured hand and foot holds, soft crash pads and space to show off your skills.

Interested in an active climbing holiday? Book your favourite accommodation in Galtür and plan your next climbing adventure!