Your getaway to the climatic health resort of Galtür

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Clean mountain air

Galtür, a holiday paradise for allergy sufferers

For those with allergies

In Galtür, we want to provide everyone with a perfect holiday experience – irrespective of allergies and food intolerances. Thanks to our favourable high-altitude location as well as to many allergy-friendly restaurants and accommodation options, we can offer you the comfort you’re looking for. In Galtür, we focus on your well-being, allowing you to enjoy every moment of your holiday to the fullest.

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Galtür carries the ECARF seal

A label for more security

Allergy and asthma sufferers will feel right at home in Galtür. The resort offers perfect holiday conditions for people with allergies and special requirements. This is proven by the ECARF seal we have been awarded.

The certificate is issued by the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation and awarded to resorts with special offers for allergy sufferers. If you spend your holiday in Galtür, you can count on a comfortable, secure and allergy-friendly environment. The quality seal is yet another proof of Galtür’s commitment to providing guests with the best possible holiday experience – regarding accommodation options, sporty outdoor activities or shopping.

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Pure enjoyment
Award-winning purity • needs-orientated •  Award-winning purity • needs-orientated • 

Beneficial mountain air for allergy sufferers

Pollen-free – throughout the year

Galtür’s favourable location at 1,600 metres above sea level provides a perfect environment for allergy sufferers because of a natural barrier against numerous allergens that are commonly found at lower altitudes. That’s why Galtür was Tyrol’s first ever municipality to be recognised as an official climatic spa in 1997. The clean mountain air and low pollen concentration make activities like hiking or cycling particularly pleasant. Especially in spring and summer, when elsewhere the pollen concentration is extremely high, Galtür offers you a nearly pollen-free environment. To see the current pollen concentration, consult the online pollen forecast.

Tyrolean cuisine for everyone

Enjoyment without limits

Feasting on culinary delights – despite food intolerances and allergies? We believe that food should be enjoyed, even if you have to make amends because of your food intolerance. The chefs of the region are trained in preparing culinary delights that you can enjoy without having to worry about food intolerances. The attentive waiters and kitchen staff are always at your service, catering to various dietary requirements. From gluten-free to lactose-free options – at the restaurants of Galtür, you will find delicious Alpine treats for everyone. 

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Special needs

Allergy-friendly accommodation

Your home away from home

After eventful days on the slopes and hiking trails of Galtür, you can look forward to coming home to a cosy holiday accommodation where you don’t have to worry about allergens. Many of the Paznaun valley‘s  accommodation options have specialised in providing allergy sufferers with a carefree, restful environment. Benefit from non-smoking and pet-free accommodation options focused on keeping allergen levels as low as possible! 

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Take a breather

Autumn and winter delights in Galtür

Enjoy the crisp mountain air