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Two times the action

Bike & Hike tours in the Paznaun valley

Active adventures for multi-sports athletes

When it comes to the popular Bike & Hike combined tours, you can enjoy “double the fun“. By adding your bike into the equation, you can cover more ground and enjoy more of nature – especially if you ride up to the starting point of your hike with an e-bike. Once you’re there, it’s time to hop off your bike and put on your hiking boots.

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By bike & on foot

What you should know about the combined tours

Plan your trip

Before the adventure begins, you should take the time to prepare. After all, you need to plan the route according to your current fitness levels and pack your hiking backpack. Plus, it’s important to find a place to leave your bike during the hiking part of your Bike & Hike tour. At the following spots, you can safely park your bike:

Once your bike is safely stored, it’s time to explore the region on foot – and there are numerous great options to choose from! For Bike & Hike beginners, we recommend the route to picturesque Lake Wiegensee . If you’re looking for a bit more of a challenge, you might enjoy the route up to Gaisspitz. Experienced Bikers & Hikers should try the trail to  Hohe Rad.

In short: From beginner-friendly options to tricky challenges, Galtür boasts Bike & Hike routes for all skill levels. 

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Ride & hike together

Guided Bike & Hike tours in Galtür

Explore the region with the experts

It’s helpful to have a bit of prior experience when it comes to combined multi-sports tours. If you’re new to the Bike & Hike combo, we recommend roping in the local experts and joining a guided tour in Galtür, Ischgl, Kappl or See.

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