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Alpengasthof Zeinisjoch

Alpengasthof Zeinisjoch, at the deep blue Zeinissee and right next to the Kops reservoir, really is one of THE real classic excursions in the Paznaun region. The natural surroundings here can be seen at their most beautiful. Where wild and tranquil waters, as well as rugged rock faces and lush pastures meet, lies Alpengasthof Zeinisjoch at 2.000 metres altitude, on the border between Tyrol and Vorarlberg on the sun-blessed Zeinisjoch plateau. This stop-off point which is rich in tradition provides indulgence with delicious classics from Tyrol and Vorarlberg and demonstrates - not just geographically - solidarity between these federal states. This Alpine guesthouse is literally in the middle of the mountains and it is not just tradition and originality that come together here, nature and adventure do too, creating a genuine holiday pleasure.


Jamtal is one of the most important lateral valleys in Paznaun, so it’s hardly surprising that one of the biggest and most modern Alpine association lodges is located in the Silvretta. Jamtalhütte is situated at the end of the valley at 2.164m, to the south of Galtür, and is an Alpine training centre for the ‘Deutschen Alpenverein’. Countless summits in the ‘Blue Silvretta’ await mountaineers; the ascent is easy for non-mountaineers to tackle and the scenery is entrancing. With its two contemporary seminar rooms, this lodge, which is laden with history, doesn’t just provide perfect conditions for further Alpine training; with the range on offer on the Culinary St. Jacob’s Way Trail it also provides gourmets with tasty treats. Hikers, Alpinists, mountain bikers, climbers and families meet up in Jamtalhütte; people who enjoy sports will hardly find such a wide range of sporting activities elsewhere.

Menta Alm

The little Menta Am at the start of the Jamtal is accessible in around 40 minutes from Galtür village centre, which means it is excellently suited to an excursion with children. At 1.657m children get to run around in the play area while adults relax on the sun terrace. Menta Alm serves typically hearty fare such as bacon, cheese, ‘Brettljause’ and apple strudel, which, with the Jamtal in the background, just couldn’t taste any better. As celebrations should be held on the date they fall, there is the opportunity to organise barbecue evenings on the Alpine pasture and bring the day to a lovely close.

Wiesbadener Hütte

At Wiesbadener Hütte you feel as though you are close to the very impressive summits, since it seems that you could just reach out and touch the Piz Buin, at 3.312m. The lodge itself is at the end of the Ochsental at 2.448m and it is not just professional mountain and hiking guides who hold the excellent location of this lodge in high regard, which can be accessed whether via Ochsental in around two hours, and via the Radsattel in around three hours. Close by (around 200m) is a challenging climbing garden which provides practice and training opportunities for beginners and experts alike. Those who prefer something tranquil can simply enjoy some local specialities on the sun terrace and views of the Piz Buin.

Alpe Vermunt

This Alpine lodge is located just beneath the dam wall for the Silvretta reservoir, right on the popular Silvretta High Alpine Road, making it a popular excursion destination for guests from Tyrol and Vorarlberg alike. The Alpine area at Alpe Vemunt starts at the end of the valley in the Paznaun on the western side, and spans across the Bielerhöhe down to the start of the town of Partenen (Vorarlberg). It is also a well-known hiking paradise for hikes into the well-known lateral valleys - Biel- & Ochsental, Klostertal and Kromertal. Its own produce such as cheese, butter and milk are very popular with guests and make a stop-off on the Bielerhöhe even nicer.


The Faulbrunn Alm is a popular destination year-round in the Galtür area. In the summer, it serves as the hub for hiking and bouldering, while in the winter, it becomes a central point for skiers. On the large terrace, visitors can bask in the warming rays of the sun or winter sun and take in the breathtaking mountain views of Galtür. In the summer, children can frolic on the adjacent playground, while in the winter, the hut buzzes with activity. Whether it's summer or winter, hearty meals are served indoors and outdoors alike. Regardless of the season, the surroundings and the air enhance the taste of the food at the Faulbrunn Alm, making it an unforgettable experience.


Eat & drink in the rustic Fluchthorn Alm!
Ski hut in the middle of the Silvapark Galtür - unstrap your skis and enjoy!

Awaiting you is a rustic and cosy hut atmosphere, regional cuisine and refined Tyrolean hospitality. Whether hearty, classically sweet or light fare - you are sure to find your favourites on our menu.

Gasthof Piz Buin

The mountain inn Piz Buin on the sunny plateau of Bielerhöhe is a truly paradise destination. The cross-country route Vermunt and the winter hiking trail Silvretta-Bielerhöhe lead from Wirl to the impressive Silvretta reservoir at the Bielerhöhe.

Our two lounges and the large sun terrace invite you to linger and enjoy. The view to the lake and to the Silvretta-three-thousander – a pleasure. Enjoy the local cuisine and choose from our à-la-carte menu.

in Summer

Berggasthof Piz Buin on the Bielerhöhe’s sunny plateau is a genuinely paradisiacal excursion destination; after all, it is located right at the Silvretta reservoir at 2.032m and provides views to the mighty Piz Buin, which, with its considerable 3.312m, has the highest elevation in the Silvretta group. The Bielerhöhe and with it Berggasthof Piz Buin are accessed via the Silvretta High Alpine toll road, which is located on the border between Tyrol and Vorarlberg and which has for years captivated many guests.

The mountain guesthouse can seat 140 people in its two restaurants and the sun terrace with its panorama view is especially popular. There is barely any other place where the majestic summits of the ‘Blue Silvretta’ can be enjoyed in such a relaxing manner than here.

Kiosk Kopsseestüberl

The kiosk "Kopsseestüberl" is located directly at the Kops reservoir.


Konstanzer Hütte is in an idyllic location in a forest and you can, for instance, hike to it from St. Anton am Arlberg; it can also be accessed via the Neue Heilbronner Hütte coming from Galtür. From Gasthof Zeinisjoch you can hike to the lodge in around five hours and factor in a stop-off at Verbella Alpe and the Neuen Heilbronner Hütte to replenish you energy stores for some more hiking. The cosy Konstanzer Hütte is located at 1.688m and from the sunny guest garden you can enjoy the view to the Patteriol at 3056m. This popular lodge is also a stage on the well-known Verwall circuit.

Larein Alpe

In a peaceful and somewhat secluded location, Alpe Larein is tranquilly embedded in the mountains in the Paznaun region. Close to the Silvretta wildlife park, pretty much right between Galtür and Ischgl, is where the idyllic Lareintal valley starts; from here Alpe Lorein can be reached in around two hours and provides an opportunity to sample and purchase some regional produce such as Paznaun’s Alpine cheese, butter and milk. Up here, Alpe Lorein, which is also a member of the ‘Genussregion’ for Paznaun’s Alpine cheese, produces this tasty cheese and those who want to can take a look at the Alpe’s own cheese dairy, to see where this Paznaun classic is made and matured.

Madlener Haus

The mountain hut is located 60 meters below the Bielerhöhe in Vorarlberg, to the west below the dam of the Silvretta reservoir.
In winter the hut is an ideal starting point for various ski tours, snowshoe hikes, cross-country skiing ( approx. 22 km cross-country ski trail on the Bielerhöhe - entry possible directly in front of the hut ) ice climbing approx. 25 meteres away.

We offer 46 beds (single, double and shared rooms) and 10 places in the dormitory. In our cozy guest room and on the sun terrace we serve specialties from Tyrol and Vorarlberg.

Neue Heilbronner Hütte

Neue Heilbronner Hütte is situated on Vorarlberg soil, yet is still a very worthwhile destination from Paznaun. The Zeinisjoch close to Kops reservoir is the ideal starting point for a hiking or mountain biking tour to Neue Heilbronner Hütte. At 2.320m, it is located in a quiet lateral valley in the midst of the impressive Alpine mountains in the Verwall group. The lodge is a real hub for bikers on the Transalp Route in particular, who pass by here and re-energise for the rest of their journey to Riva. Alpine fans will find impressive crossing points here to neighbouring Alpine lodges, while day-trippers will also find leisurely routes. A network of altitude paths enable people to enjoy trekking, summit tours and circuit hikes, as well as multi-day hikes from lodge to lodge.

Saarbrücker Hütte

You’ll be hard pushed to find an Alpine lodge which has a more impressive location than Saarbrücker Hütte. It is set in a superior position in the mountains and from quite a bit beneath you have to look very closely to make it out. Its location at 2.538m on the south-easterly ridge of the Kleinlitzner makes it the highest located mountain refuge in the Silvretta. The glacier mountainscape provided by the Litzner-Seehorn group make up its immediate background, the crossing of which makes for one the loveliest two peaks’ tour in the Silvretta group. The lodge can be accessed from Bielerhöhe (Silvretta reservoir) via Madlenerhaus, and also from Vorarlberg’s Vermunt reservoir, in around three hours. A hike which is well worth doing in any event.

Scheiben Alm

Around half way between Galtür and the Jamtalhütte is the Scheibenalm at just over 1800m. This cosy stop-off point offers own-made produce such as Paznaun’s Alpine cheese, butter and curds which you can enjoy on the terrace while enjoying the view to the Jamtal glacier. The lodge is particularly popular with families, since it takes around 1 ½ hours to hike to the Scheibenalm. At the end June/start of July in particular the Alpine roses in full bloom provide a particularly impressive backdrop for hiking, something which you shouldn’t miss on any account.

Verbella Alpe

The idyllically located Verbella Alpe lies half way between the starting point at Gasthof Zeinisjoch and Heilbronner Hütte. At 1.938m you not only find a traditional Alpine lodge atmosphere, there is also a natural landscape with long drawn-out wide valleys, rushing streams and superb panorama trails. Superb views and vistas are also guaranteed for everyone. The Verbella Alpe is located in the Vorarlberg area and is a place for anyone looking for tranquillity and viewing balconies which are within easy reach, since from here there is a panorama view deep into the Montafon. A hike to the nearby Neuen Heilbronner Hütte provides a suitable additional tour.


Weiberhimml Galtür is famous for its legendary apres-ski-parties and its fancy hut atmosphere. Cozy atmosphere in Tyrolean style for having a tea or coffee, proper food and frisky parties from 3.00 p.m. are cornerstones of the Weiberhimml in Galtür - famous not only in the region.
We are looking forward to your visit: Come for a beer, to the Weiberhimml in Galtür!

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